LEE TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION, INC. is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote the preservation of historic properties in Lee County, Florida, through: ACQUISITION, EDUCATION & ADVOCACY


Founded in 1993, and dedicated to preserving and developing the heritage of Lee County, Florida, Lee Trust is operated by a volunteer board of directors and is supported by its members and volunteers. Funding sources for Lee Trust are membership dues, corporate and private gifts, government and foundation grants, and monies collected from various fundraising events organized and operated by our volunteers.

Preservation in Action
The mission of Lee Trust is to promote historic preservation through ACQUISITION, EDUCATION, and ADVOCACY.
How You Can Help
Get involved with preservation! Links and information on how you can support historic preservation in southwest Florida and the state.
Lee Trust Membership
We invite you to join us in working to preserve the historical structures, and protect the heritage of Lee County, Florida.